Case studies

Segmentation of the customer database

1 month
R, Microsoft SQL Server


One of the retailers, in order to diversify its offer and communication, wanted to distinguish business-relevant segments in a database of almost 4 million registered consumers.


Using machine learning methods, 5 customer segments were identified based on nearly 100 variables. These segments were characterised and described for marketing purposes. Each customer in the database was assigned a segment with the possibility of periodical automatic refreshing.


  • Automation of the cyclic segmentation refreshing allows to save time for marketing and analytic tasks by approx. 40%
  • Adjustment of the offer and language to the customer segment
  • Tracking customer migration between segments in time
  • Possibility to assess the increase in effectiveness of marketing activities addressed to a specific segment

Data sources:

  • Sales data
  • Product data
  • Promotion calendar