Case studies

CRM performance analysis

3 months
Microsoft SQL Server, R


One of the largest NGOs wanted to conduct a comprehensive review of CRM activities in the context of increasing the effectiveness of fundraising campaigns.


An extensive analysis of the donor database, gathered by the organisation and the history of their interactions, was conducted. An extensive report was prepared, summarising the effectiveness of the organization’s current activities and indicating areas for optimisation. The donor database was segmented.


  • The features of particularly valuable donors were identified, which made it possible to focus acquisition activities on people with an average donation value higher by about 60% than the rest
  • Reduction by about 10 percentage points of the percentage of people withdrawing from making the payments thanks to the recommendation that the retention activities should be accelerated

Data sources:

  • CRM Database
  • Data from the payment processing system
  • Fundraising activities calendar
  • Media data