NPS Data – an Effective Tool to Optimise Marketing Communication

NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey has been known for nearly 20 years. Described in a Harvard Business Review article by Frederick F. Reichheld, NPS was well received by marketers and was adopted by many industries. It is estimated that up to two thirds of the largest US companies (included in Fortune 1000) use NPS. The […]

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Characteristics of an effective data scientist

What competencies should
a data scientist have? What should characterise him/her? Are there competencies without which this profession cannot be pursued? The best specialists are described by certain features that distinguish them from the crowd of ordinary analysts.

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How much more valuable is
a customer who trusts you?

The fact that a customer who trusts the brand is worth more is obvious. The question is, how much more? 5, 20, 100 times more? There has been no precise answer to this question so far, and we decided to give you one. The challenge was huge as we tried to measure something that is, by definition, difficult to measure, i.e. trust.

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Why is know-how transfer and effective communication between the customer and the data science company important?

The consultants fear that once they educate the client, they will become redundant and will lose their orders, so they feel reluctant to disclose their know-how. It may seem that at least partly these fears are justified.

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