What can I do to make customers more willing to read my emails? A guide to effective email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing communication channels. However, the challenge remains in maintaining the effectiveness of this channel. AI tools can help with this. However, before applying them, it is worth asking yourself where to start?

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Zakupy w galerii handlowej
Where should I look for customers?

However, a healthy business needs a steady stream of new customers. And there is usually little (or no) data on them. So can data science help in reaching potential customers?

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How to optimize marketing efforts with data science?

As the number of products sold increases, customer expectations become more exacting, and competition becomes fiercer, optimal campaign planning becomes even more challenging. Fortunately, data science can help.

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wykorzystanie uczenia maszynowego w komunikacji marketingowej
From segmentation to hyper-personalization… the use of machine learning in marketing communications

The modern consumer is constantly bombarded with messages. Competition for ever-shorter attention spans is bloody, and it’s all about leveraging every possible advantage. How can data science help in the successful battle to get a brand’s message to consumers?

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