Why am I not getting the expected benefits from using AI in marketing?

Interest in the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) is not waning. The public is most excited about the achievements of so-called generative AI. However, it is worth remembering that AI is also more mundane models that, play a role in many business processes. However, it happens that they do not bring the expected benefits and their performance is sometimes disappointing. What mistakes can contribute to such situations and what can be done to avoid them?

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How to get out of the RFM trap

(R)ecency, (F)requenct, (M)onetary value is a classic of marketing analysis. We all know it. Many of us use it. Each of us understands it. But do we really? RFM analysis undoubtedly has many advantages, which is why it has been in use for many years. However, it is also worth learning about its disadvantages and limitations. In order to use it properly and not try to solve problems with it that it cannot solve.

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What can I do to make customers more willing to read my emails? A guide to effective email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important marketing communication channels. However, the challenge remains in maintaining the effectiveness of this channel. AI tools can help with this. However, before applying them, it is worth asking yourself where to start?

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wykorzystanie uczenia maszynowego w komunikacji marketingowej
3-fold increase in conversions due to targeting of mailings based on predictive model

Today’s consumers are constantly inundated with messages from various brands. Many brands send multiple messages, through multiple channels. This makes it difficult to attract and keep the consumer’s attention for a long time. At the same time, it is easy for the consumer to become tired of the communication and pay less and less attention to it.

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