Recommendation and Content Personalisation Systems

Added on:
17 November 2020

Show the customers what will encourage them the most to buy

Our recommendation systems select the content to be displayed on the website.

Recommending the right products at the right time significantly increases conversion and cart value.

Our systems include, in particular, cross-sell and up-sell, which translates into higher sales. By using historical sales data, relationships between categories, products, and website traffic history, the experts of Data Science Logic build models to suggest which products to display in the recommendation boxes. Our software integrates the recommendation system with the existing customer’s website and automatically controls the recommendations and records their impact on user behaviour. The data collected in this way return to models that are becoming more and more accurate and help to generate ever higher turnover.

What can be the applications of recommendation systems?

A natural area of use of recommendation systems are the websites and especially e-commerce. However, they are also successfully used to personalise the content of emails. The conclusions of the recommendations returned by the system can also be transferred to the surface layout and arrangement of products on the shelves and in brick-and-mortar stores.

Recommendation systems are also used in mobile applications, helping to display content that will increase user engagement, increase the likelihood of conversion to a buyer, or perform other desired action (e.g. a visit to an online or brick-and-mortar stores).


  • Higher sales in online store
  • Greater involvement of website users
  • Higher usability of the mobile application
  • Increasing expenditure and consumer and user satisfaction
  • Better understanding of the relationship between product categories

Clients: Leading marketer from retail industry