Geospatial Analyses and Visualisations on Maps

Added on:
17 November 2020

Many aspects of business are related to location. It is important where the customers come from, how much time it takes them to get to your outlet, where the competitors are located, where it is worth opening new outlets. The neighbourhood and demographic potential of the areas around the points of sale is important. When analysing the location, we calculate the time of travel taking into account the road conditions depending on the time and day of the week. We use various sources of data on demography and income. We take into account infrastructure development plans, new housing investments, population migrations. A natural form of communication of the results of such analyses are maps. The experts of Data Science Logic use interactive maps in the html format to easily visualise phenomena relevant for managers. This enables a better and more intuitive understanding of their impact on business and making the right strategic and tactical decisions. The map visualisations can also be part of interactive dashboards.

Clients: Leading marketer from retail industry, Marketer from retail industry, FMCG company