Building Dashboards and Reporting Automation

Added on:
17 November 2020

Get the right information at the right time

Effective decision making requires easy access to the right information at the right time. Adequate reports often have to be based on data from many different sources. Manual preparation of reports is time-consuming and error-prone. Not only does it entail high labour costs and expenses, but it can also cause delays in accessing information for managers. The automation of the reporting process helps to increase the speed of decision making. The reports are refreshed in intervals according to managers’ needs and delivered in the best format for decision making. Clear and interactive dashboards allow for quick assessment of the situation and immediate reaction. The attachments in the form of tables and spreadsheets help to make in-depth analyses and discover the causes of the phenomena. An accessible form of visualisation (also on maps) helps to understand the problem intuitively and to take appropriate actions.


  • Always up-to-date information available to managers
  • Clear form of presentation
  • Faster decision making
  • Saving time for preparing reports
  • Less chance of errors and delays in reporting

Clients: Leading marketer from retail industry, Marketer from retail industry, Customer from the financial sector, FMCG company