Data revolution

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17 August 2020

Today we’re living in the 4th Industrial Revolution. Revolution based on data, their processing and drawing conclusions that are important for business.

In recent years we have seen a huge change in the way organisations collect, process and analyse data. We know that although today these increases are already significant, this is only the beginning of a dynamic development. The number of data sources, the amount of data and the possibilities of their connection is increasing. And this, in turn, creates new great opportunities for every company.

What happens to data is a global phenomenon and is particularly evident at different business levels.

Today, every organisation wants to take it to the next level: from basic analytics to diagnostic analytics,
ending with predictive analytics and the highest level, that is forecasting for the future.

The global phenomenon has evolved into a new way of thinking and acting. You can see it in virtually every industry.

The fastest growing companies today are those that are building their position based on data. And it’s not just about the companies involved in Internet business or e-commerce. We see this in virtually every industry – a data-based strategy
allows you to increase your competitive advantage and seize new business opportunities.

Our team has been part of these changes since 2014.

And we have already been awarded many times in the most prestigious industry competitions in Poland.

There are examples of our projects implemented for our clients.

Hourly traffic forecast in stories

Choosing the optimal distribution network

CRM performance analysis

Segmentation of the customer database

Together with over 100 experts in data science, loyalty programs, creative activities and media actions,
we create Data Science House.

To accelerate the revolution of the entire organisation based on data.