About us

Data Science Logic is a team of specialists in data analysis and the use of machine learning in business. We combine more than a dozen years of experience in working with Big Data, analytics and business consulting. As part of the Data Science House group, which brings together over 110 professionals and the Loyalty Point, LVL Up Media and BlueCloud Interactive brands, we offer a comprehensive approach and support to accelerate the use of your organisation’s data, regardless of which stage of Data Science development you are in.

We carry out projects in the area of Data Science, RPA, Machine Learning, AI in industries such as retail, FMCG, food, beauty&fashion, finance, tourism and others. We focus on tailor-made solutions, adapting the scope of our support to the situation and needs of each customer. We help to solve a selected, specific business challenge or provide a comprehensive service in the area of creating a strategy for data collection, processing, analysis and use for business optimisation.

We are practitioners. Our goal is always to achieve a specific result in the form of cost reduction, time savings, increased sales, process optimisation or increased customer satisfaction. Every day we prove that data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are not only slogans but tools that can bring a real return on investment when used properly in business. Using languages such as R, Python or SQL we talk to computers. And we always speak the language of business and benefits to people, explaining very advanced solutions in an understandable way.